MI Punter Terms and Conditions 

The following terms and conditions bind your use of the Website and all its features. The Website, also referred to as MI Punter, requires every reader to comply with the T&C’s before proceeding with the Website.

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To always be up to date with when the last changes have been carried out; please consider revisiting this page as often as you need. Here are the main points of our T&C’s.

Binding T&C’s 

  • MI Punter does not contend that the information provided on the Website is accurate or factual,
  • MI Punter is not to be liable or responsible for any damages incurred as direct use of the information found on the Website,
  • The information found on the Website is subject to constant unannounced changes, and it’s the readers and users responsibility to verify its authenticity,
  • All trademarks available on the Website are the exclusive property of their respective owners,
  • Readers and users may not copy, transmit, replicate or reuse any part of the Website without the explicit written consent of their owners,
  • MI Punter tries to provide complete and accurate information. However, factual mistakes are quite possible,
  • The Website will not publish content that is discriminatory in nature or denigrated humans and human values in any way,
  • MI Punter will do its best to provide readers with a safe environment.

Bonuses and Materials

  • The Website is a licensed affiliate service. As such, it’s subject to local federal, and state laws,
  • MI Punter sole purpose is to provide entertainment to readers and help them make better-informed decisions without ever recommending any course of action,
  • MI Punter frequently publishes promotions and bonuses that are sent directly to the Website by affiliate partners,
  • These promotions come with binding T&C’s of their own,
  • By agreeing to the Website’s T&C’s, readers confirm that they will make sure to familiarize themselves with every bonus and promotion before accepting it.

MI Punter Prohibits Use under Several Conditions

  • None of the content found on MI Punter can be reused or copied under any circumstance and especially to inflict harm on others in any way,
  • Trying to justify illegal activities with any of the information available at MI Punter may lead to legal action on our part,
  • If you suspect that our content has been reused, we welcome you to submit an email to us.

Guest Posts and Content

  • You may apply with your own content at MI Punter. Such content will always be published separately and explicitly state that it is not MI Punter’s original, in-house content,
  • By submitting your content to us, you forego all proprietor rights, and we may or may not credit you for work when publishing on our Website,
  • All content should be plagiarism-free and meet standards for unique reporting.