MI Punter Cookies 

MI Punter uses a small piece of browser software known as cookies. Cookies are present on every website on the internet. Their main purpose is to facilitate navigation, create tailored settings for website users, and generally provide a smoother overall online experience. 

Should You Accept Cookies?

Accepting cookies is your sole decision. Some cookies used by MI Punter are mandatory, and they are necessary for the website to function. Others are voluntary. However, in order for the website to function, you will need to accept cookies as a rule of thumb. 

If you prefer not to accept cookies, some parts of MI Punter may render poorly on your device or not load up at all in the intended configuration. Users and readers are free to decide how many cookies they want to accept.

If you are still uncertain about the nature and purpose of cookies, please make sure to read the comprehensive explanation here: https://www.aboutcookies.org/cookie-faq/

Why Are Cookies Necessary?

Cookies are mostly necessary, although some are optional, and they do not necessarily have to be present to guarantee a better overall browsing experience. However, there are those that are technical and that guarantee the proper operation of the website.

Technical cookies are the most important kind, and they make sure that you are enjoying a smooth browsing experience overall. There are also some things you should know about how long a cookie stays on your computer. First, there are several types.

Session Cookies

As the name suggests, session cookies are used solely throughout a game’s session. Their purpose is to guarantee the proper functionality of the website while the browser is open. They collect nominal data from users.

Permanent Cookies

Despite their name, permanent cookies aren’t quite permanent. They may stay on your computer over an extended period of time so that your returning sessions to the website meet your expectations in full. 

Why Use Cookies? 

Cookies are an important part of the operation of any website. They provide readers and users with a valuable opportunity to enjoy flawless browsing sessions. Of similar importance to the website, cookies enable MI Punter to track specific reader data.

That data is then fed into powerful and legitimate tools such as the Web analytics service of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics helps the website to create a better overall product as it successfully studies and analyzes how readers and visitors to the website interact with the content.

Cookies may collect data such as location, IP and browsing session length. The terms of the use of that sort of information have been carefully outlined in our dedicated Privacy Policy. Cookies are an integral part of Google’s process of evaluating websites, too. 

Therefore, MI Punter has to continue and provide cookies as actionable solutions based on the data collected from the cookies and other information about visitors. All of this information is used for the sole purpose of improving the overall experience and user satisfaction or for purposes stated in our Privacy Policy.