MI Punter Privacy Policy

MI Punter uses the following Privacy Policy to bind its entire offer and the reader and user experience. The Privacy Policy is intended to help navigate the Website and also inform visitors what information is collected from them.

Any data and information collections from readers are carried out in compliance with established data protection laws. Such laws cannot be violated for any reason, and the information shared is always protected and encrypted.

Who is Responsible for Your Personal Information?

MI Punter is tasked with safeguarding your information against third-party attacks. Any information collected from you is never shared with third parties except in specific cases established by the Privacy Policy.

MI Punter remains committed to upholding the highest standards of data protection services insofar as the offer of the Website is concerned. For the cases where MI Punter may not be able to enforce these standards, please make sure to read the Disclaimer.

What Information Do We Collect?

The amount and type of information collected are determined by the specific usage of information. MI Punter usually collects the type of information that facilitates the overall experience and customer satisfaction.

Such information usually excludes personal and identifiable data. Rather, it has to do with the digital footprint of the user, such as IP, email, location data, website usage, and other small details about the browsing habits.

In the cases where MI Punter wants to provide a more advanced service, such as newsletters or create a specific user account for the purposes of accessing exclusive features, additional information may be requested.

All of this data is then subject to the same standards and encryption technology that protects MI Punter’s offer.

Who Do We Share Your Information With? 

Your information will be shared with licensed third-parties who help with the technical execution of the Website. In other words, those are authentic and legitimate third-party tools that allow visitors to experience the Website better.

How is that possible? By collecting visitors and user data, MI Punter can feed that data in an analytics tool, which then produces the necessary suggestions for improvement of the overall offer of the Website. There is, however, no obligation to reveal identifiable data.

Everything that is used by third-parties for the purposes of traffic and website analysis is strictly anonymous information, and it only serves the purposes of helping MI Punter deliver a higher grade overall product.

When Do We Share Your Information with Outsiders?

There are only two scenarios where your information is intentionally shared with third-parties. The first one is if your information is subpoenaed by an official government or judicial body as part of an investigation. By statutory law, MI Punter must oblige and provide details about your browsing sessions as such. 

The second case is in the event where MI Punter is bought by another party. While MI Punter guarantees that your data would be protected, the buyer may create their own terms and conditions and privacy policies, which should be revisited and met in full.